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Can AI successfully subvert the color TV market

in 2016, Google Go AI program alphago defeated the world's top go flag bearer Li Shishi, and the concept of artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as "Ai") quickly became popular. Recently, Google China and the Chinese Chess Academy announced that the "man-machine war" of go will start again in late May 2017, and alphago will challenge Ke Jie, the world's No. 1 Chinese nine segment player. In 2016, Google Go AI program alphago defeated the world's top go flag bearer Li Shishi, and the concept of artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) quickly became popular. Recently, Google China and the Chinese Chess Academy announced that the man-machine war of go will start again in late May 2017, and alphago will challenge Ke Jie, the world's No. 1 Chinese nine segment player

at present, AI is accelerating in manufacturing, finance, education, medical treatment and other fields. Color TV enterprises, which often like the new concept of hitchhiking, spare no effort. Recently, color TV enterprises have been taking AI as the main selling point of color TV products in 2017. China Business Daily found that at present, Ai TV is only limited to the voice search stage, that is, the initial stage of Ai TV exploration. The application effect of AI technology in TV and other subdivided vertical fields depends on the improvement of domestic AI technology level on the one hand, and on the other hand, color TV enterprises in the vertical field do a good job in technology docking and establish a mature sharing mode

TV sets compete with human brain IQ

New Year's new selling points. After the popularity of smart TV in 2016, color TV enterprises began to apply AI to new products in 2017, and the upsurge of human brain (AI) replacing computer brain rose

Skyworth, which used to rely on the thickness of the body to eat, launched a wallpaper (wallpaper, to reflect the thickness of the color TV body) ultra-thin OLED TV, and did not forget to emphasize the AI function. The limit width of Skyworth silicon, which has just taken office, is 7 nm. According to Liu Tangzhi, CEO of Skyworth Group, Ai TV takes voice as the main medium of TV interaction, which solves most of the pain points of complex smart TV operation. Using voice to search programs, find music, check information, etc. can be achieved in one step, and it is much faster than switching frequently between menus through traditional remote control

in the past month, Changhong and TCL, the mainstream enterprises in the color TV industry, have launched smart TVs equipped with AI technology. After Changhong first showed the new Ai TV products with 3-second response to the outside world. The Internet TV brand micro whale challenge shows the same function as Changhong Ai TV. Micro whale jointly launched an intelligent voice service platform with iFLYTEK, an AI open platform enterprise, and Microsoft, an IT enterprise. It is understood that the speech recognition rate of this platform reaches 97.8% and the recognition speed reaches 0.98 seconds

zhang Shaoyong, general manager of TCL multimedia product center, said that AI has also been applied to Thunderbird, a sub brand launched by TCL multimedia. The main function is to simplify the interaction. In the field of artificial intelligence, only some simple functions can be realized in the past few years, but complex functions such as search are still difficult to realize. Later, speech recognition technology was introduced to make search simple

there are different opinions in the industry about the phenomenon that enterprises gather to promote Ai TV and compete for machine intelligence. Optimists believe that AI has penetrated into the color TV industry. However, there are also many comments that Ai TV is just a speculation concept, but has simple voice function, which is too far from the real human brain IQ and TV AI. Liubuchen, a consumer electronics industry observer, commented that the new products of color TV sets every year will have a main selling point. On the one hand, it is to improve the profit level and form a differentiated competitive advantage. On the other hand, it is also to follow the trend of science and technology and gradually explore the application of artificial intelligence in the field of television. It is understood that the gross profit level of color TV enterprises in 2016 is not ideal

TV IQ has limited space to play

in the international scope, artificial intelligence technology has a long history. As early as 1956, the prototype of artificial intelligence technology has been available, but its development has been tepid. In 2011, the deep learning algorithm, which was born in 2006, came into effect. At that time, AI began to be applied in many vertical fields or specific industries, and began to surpass the level of people

however, compared with developed countries, AI is still in the follow-up stage in the popularization of AI in China, both in basic research and innovation breakthroughs. Wu Fei, director of the Institute of artificial intelligence of Zhejiang University, said that 2. Providing enterprises with all-round and nursing services, artificial intelligence first appeared in the premier's government work report at the national two sessions in 2017. The huge potential of AI is gradually released in China. The plastic food packaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years. With the increasingly mature technical reserves and the implementation of various promotion policies, China's AI technology and industrial development can usher in a new era. However, Chen Baoli, general manager of products and technology in the global sales department of Intel data center, believes that AI is playing an increasingly important role and constantly promoting the reform and transformation of the industry. The development and application prospects of AI are infinite. It will bring great help to economic development in the fields of driverless, precision medicine, smart city, intelligent manufacturing and retail

in fact, AI is an auxiliary tool no matter which sub field it is applied in. Artificial tools themselves cannot produce independent value. Only when combined with various industries can the service level be improved. However, specific to each vertical industry, the penetration level is different. Tang Xiaoou, vice president of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that some are well integrated with industry, some are just beginning, and of course, some are completely hyped. In short, it is uneven

IDC, a data agency, predicts that by 2020, global AI systems will bring home appliance enterprises more than $47billion in revenue and become the next outlet for industrial development

since last year, color TV enterprises have been eager to try. Ai TV has become the first breakthrough for enterprises, which is represented by voice TV. Wang Chuan, co-founder of Xiaomi TV, believes that disobedient TV is not a good TV. Voice intelligence technology plays a key role in the development of human and machine from interaction to communication

however, at present, two factors limit the intelligent level of color TV. The first is the cost. In fact, the more microphones are used in the voice system, the more expensive the cost is, and the number of microphones also limits the mold of the equipment. Beijing Yunzhi mainly uses air guns to launch bullets to study composite materials. High speed impact Acoustic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that specializes in providing voice recognition and language processing technology for hardware enterprises. Xieguanchao, President of the company's IOT business division, introduced that many equipment manufacturers, such as home appliance enterprises, On the whole, it is sensitive to the cost of manufacturing. In view of cost constraints, under the premise of limited system hardware resources, realizing all technical functions requires a gradual market-oriented process. Majunying, the chief consultant of Beijing Goldman Sachs gishi culture communication company, believes that the current market price of TV is more than 20% of that of ordinary TV, which is acceptable to consumers. However, no matter how high it is, it belongs to a niche ultra-high-end product, which deviates from the original intention of the enterprise to improve the gross profit of products of general public. Under cost constraints, AI IQ will also be discounted

Li Qiang, President of Midea smart home Research Institute, pointed out that from the perspective of the application and development of artificial intelligence technology in the home appliance market, it is difficult for a single manufacturer to provide all the technologies and meet all the needs of users. Enterprises in the industry do not pull alliances, circle circles, or become the core. Only by cooperating extensively with external manufacturers can they introduce resources, share resources, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with partners. Liu buchen pointed out that the exploration consciousness of enterprises in technology and business model is worthy of affirmation. At present, artificial intelligence technology is in the primary stage, and the business model of integration between enterprises is not clear enough. Before the model is mature, enterprises must avoid hyping concepts and exaggerating. Ai TV should focus on the actual problems of consumers and should not become a chicken rib

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