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Can the flower of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" of operators bear fruitful fruits

today, when mass entrepreneurship and innovation are sweeping all walks of life, a wind of mass entrepreneurship and innovation that encourages internal and external entrepreneurship and innovation is also quietly rising among the three major operators. This innovation can be traced back to China Mobile's entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship plan for millions of young people in 2010. Recently, China Mobile launched an entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship action plan, announcing that it would invest 1billion yuan in a special fund to incubate 600 projects during the 13th Five Year Plan period, which not only aroused the desire of many people, but also aroused the widespread concern of public opinion

then, can the flowers of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the operator system bloom brilliantly and bear fruitful fruits

the flower of mass entrepreneurship and innovation blooms in an all-round way

in the telecommunications industry, which has a large network, many users, and the whole process, small and micro innovation from the staff level originally did not have a practical foundation. However, with the rise of mobile Internet with grass-roots, public and sharing characteristics, it is possible and necessary to mobilize the wisdom of employees and mobilize the power of society. Therefore, operators have launched mass entrepreneurship and innovation plans

among the three major operators, China Mobile is the leading innovator. In 2010, China Mobile and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League released a million youth entrepreneurship plan; In terms of Internet, China Mobile has built a Migu maker platform to help millions of grassroots fragile in music, reading, video, games, animation and other fields - entrepreneurs realize their dreams because of physical or chemical changes that reduce their ductility; Innovatively put forward onenet IOT capability open platform and build an open service ecosystem, which means IOT; In order to solve the problem of lack of funds for entrepreneurs, China Mobile launched the China Mobile Innovation Industry Fund to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements; At the same time, by holding independent development competitions, we can stimulate the innovation vitality of all staff and create an innovation atmosphere in which the loading speed will decrease

in the view of China Mobile, the above innovation is only the first step. The full-time mass entrepreneurship and innovation launched by China Mobile on June 3 is the real feast: the total investment of the project is 1billion yuan, and it is planned to incubate 600 projects in five years. The initial stage is mainly internal incubation. In the future, it will be fully open to social innovation, entrepreneurs and small, medium and micro enterprises. It is expected that tens of millions of internal and external developers will be gathered in 2020, leveraging 10 billion social funds and driving millions of social employment

Chinatelecom, which originates from the matrix of China's telecommunications industry, has a large number of excellent talent reserves and has natural advantages in mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The landmark event of its mass entrepreneurship and innovation is the establishment of Chinatelecom innovation incubation Shanghai base, the first incubator of large central enterprises, in March 2012, opening up a model of base incubation, angel investment, company equity participation and employee holding. Since then, Chinatelecom has successively established Tianyi Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Chinatelecom innovation incubation south base

based on the successful experience of internal incubation, in November 2015, Chinatelecom officially released the national incubation action plan, opening the road to the layout of national key cities for external incubation. Chinatelecom plans to open more than 10 innovation and entrepreneurship bases in first tier entrepreneurial cities across the country by the end of 2016. Also in November 2015, Chinatelecom held the finals of the second Chinatelecom I innovation dark horse competition to stimulate innovation vitality, train innovative talents and achieve innovative development

relatively speaking, China Unicom's mass entrepreneurship and innovation came late. At the end of May 2016, China Unicom launched the fertile maker plan for employee innovation incubation, but the pace is more stable. Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, pointed out that fertile makers are not a fashionable and ostentatious move, but a practical need to cultivate innovation soil, cultivate innovation culture and seek innovation breakthrough in combination with China Unicom's reality. It is reported that China Unicom's Innovation Incubation project will adopt two operation modes: cooperative incubation and self built incubation, mainly focusing on industrial interconnection, big data, cloud computing, IOT and other innovation fields, so as to promote the solution of key issues such as the company's development efficiency, construction and maintenance, customer service, internal management and so on

so far, mass entrepreneurship and innovation have blossomed among the three major operators

innovation activities have deepened my understanding of the market

when talking about entrepreneurship and innovation within operators, there are many views that due to the limitations of operators' systems and mechanisms, mass entrepreneurship and innovation may be difficult to bear fruitful fruits. Then, what is the specific situation

taking Chinatelecom's incubation action plan as an example, it is reported that as of November 2015, Tianyi venture capital had carried out 7 batches of incubation, with a total of 550 people and 162 projects (including 4 external projects), including 17 corporatized projects, with an average equity appreciation of 15 times. Chinatelecom had invested nearly 50million yuan in this regard. It can be seen that Chinatelecom's Tianyi venture capital action has indeed incubated innovative and practical achievements, which has played a positive role in operators' embrace of mobile Internet

a Chinatelecom person who participated in the sixth incubation project of Tianyi venture capital told her that she was originally doing her daily work step by step. She was encouraged to learn about the Tianyi venture capital project. In addition, she had a certain understanding of mobile Internet in her daily work, so she proposed the three-dimensional code project combined with daily accumulation and supplemented by some innovation. After four rounds of screening, she was finally shortlisted and received angel investment from the group headquarters. During the six-month incubation process, she was stationed in Shanghai incubation base, surrounded by colleagues who were also committed to innovation, and felt the atmosphere of centralized innovation. With the on-the-job entrepreneurship system of Chinatelecom as the guarantee, her innovation plan went very smoothly. Although I didn't enter the corporate operation in the end, I had the opportunity to try what I was interested in, and after half a year of incubation, I also had a deep understanding of the market. The person said

another Hunan Telecom person who once participated in Tianyi venture capital told that although the smart 110 project he proposed failed to pass the review, the project was recognized by social enterprises. At present, mature products have been launched and began to enter the commercial operation link

objectively speaking, Chinatelecom invested 50million yuan to produce 17 corporate projects, which is not particularly cost-effective in terms of the cost performance of the investment, but the indirect effect of driving staff innovation and distributing the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain is more meaningful than 17 corporate projects

help operators layout the mobile Internet ecological chain

the three major operators have their own strict management system and promotion system. It is a distant dream for most employees to start at the grass-roots level and work step by step to the middle and senior levels. Under the guidance of the wind vane of strict pursuit of communication quality, the practice of most operators' employees is to follow the tradition, ensure quality and make fewer mistakes, which further limits the innovation power and vitality within operators. In the era of traditional communications, the above practices can ensure the execution and service capabilities of operators and ensure the efficient operation of huge machines. However, in the era of mobile Internet with a hundred flowers blooming and continuous innovation, the lack of innovation vitality will only defeat or even lose the competition. Therefore, operators must encourage employees to innovate to keep up with the pace of the mobile Internet era

through internal innovation, operators can create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for all employees, stimulate the enthusiasm of innovation and Entrepreneurship of all employees, enable employees to innovate and entrepreneurship wholeheartedly after work or within the special incubation time after stopping work, and may open up infinite space for the transformation and development of operators and the personal growth of employees

it is not easy for employees to make achievements in the operator system. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation has created favorable conditions for employees and provided them with another development path. Zhang Guiling from Hejun consulting said that at the same time, national innovation from the grass-roots level can be followed by the following problem: how to reduce the excess plastic produced by 3D printers due to failed printing? We are honored to change the traditional top-down innovation culture of operators, form a nationwide innovation boom, and lay an innovative cultural foundation for operators to embrace the wave of mobile Internet and participate in mobile Internet market competition

in addition to forming an entrepreneurial and innovative corporate culture, another significance of mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities is to unite social forces to build a mobile Internet ecological chain. In the era of traditional voice and SMS services, operators only need to cooperate with equipment manufacturers to build networks and provide services; In the early Internet era, such as the dream era of China Mobile, operators have attracted a large number of SPS to join them with their charisma, creating a simple Internet Ecosystem in the early stage; In the current mobile era, operators' control over the industrial chain has been gradually weakened, and there is even a trend to return to plumbers

how can we regain the dominance of the industrial chain? The answer is to build an open ecosystem and gather excellent mobile Internet innovation companies. In this regard, the social orientation and external innovation in the mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities of operators can create a development ecosystem of full innovation and entrepreneurship through the opening of their own capabilities, the cooperation with all sectors of society, and the mutual sharing of internal professional companies and various service resources, and finally realize the construction of mobile Internet Ecosystem and the sharing of innovation resources

finally, at a time of fierce competition in the basic communication business and market saturation, operators can open up new ways of income growth through mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities, so as to obtain a more favorable situation in the competition. Zhang Guiling believes

in this way, the mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities launched by the three major operators are expected to blossom everywhere and bear fruitful fruits in the near future

of course, in order to fully embrace mobile Internet, mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities, which are born out of the operator system, also need to get rid of the operator's brand, and do not turn mass entrepreneurship and innovation into a replica of the operator's internal projects. In addition, the aforementioned Telecom personages believed that operators should give special treatment to some potential projects in terms of capital and time, so as to provide sufficient development space for them. In terms of development funds, operators can also introduce external investment in addition to their own investment. On the one hand, they can increase the participation of social capital and share the financial pressure of operators; On the other hand, we can examine the project with the help of external forces to make the incubated project more reasonable and feasible

as of November 2015, Chinatelecom Tianyi venture capital has carried out 7 batches of incubation, with a total of 550 people and 162 projects (including 4 external projects), including 17 corporatized projects, with an average equity appreciation of 15 times. Chinatelecom has invested nearly 50million yuan in this regard

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