There is a large market space for the hottest diam

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There is a large market space for diamond tools to replace traditional tools

the team of diamond workers has also achieved bentler's imitation of the concept of machines. The worldwide industrial transfer has been basically completed, and the concentration of domestic industries is low. At present, China and South Korea have become world diamond tool production bases, and developed countries in Europe and the United States still retain a small amount of high-end production capacity. Take the United States as an example, Chinese products account for 40% - 50% of its imports, accounting for about 70% - 80% of South Korea. Due to the low entry threshold of diamond tools, the domestic concentration is very low. In the stone production base, there will be a large number of small tool processing enterprises, which often only do a few types of products, and there is a big gap in profitability compared with large-scale enterprises. With diamond tools almost covering all kinds of materials; With the upgrading of categories and the return of gross profit margin, the industry has a trend of integration

there is a huge space for diamond tools to replace cars, which are also indispensable tools for people to fully meet the performance requirements of China's building insulation and fire protection code: diamond tools are an emerging industry, and there is still a lot of room for their replacement of traditional tools. Take the ceramic field as an example. Since the previous year, diamond grinding tools have been used in the rough grinding process of ceramic production. A group of ceramic production lines cost an average of 2million yuan of diamond tools. At present, there are about 2000 lines in the country, which have not yet been upgraded. In fine grinding and fine grinding, traditional soft grinding tools are still used because there are still technical problems such as scratches that need to be solved. If all of them are replaced, the output value of diamond tools used in ceramic production will double. In the past two years, diamond tools have been used for grinding walls and floors. They have been relatively mature abroad and have just started in China. In general, with the continuous improvement of the penetration rate of existing fields and the continuous opening of new application fields, the market scale of diamond tools has a huge room for growth

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