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Can the accelerated implementation of AI applications drive the growth of domestic industrial chain

one of the professional conferences with the highest specification, the largest scale and the strongest influence in the field of artificial intelligence in the world, "2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference" will be held in Shanghai, China on September 1 through quantitative measurement day

this grand event will interpret the development trend of AI in an all-round way, show the cutting edge of AI in the world, take into account the weak results of the downstream market and look forward to the future 10 years of AI in the world, and play a good role in helping and leading the development of the global AI industry. Artificial intelligence has once again attracted high attention and focus from all countries and industries around the world

policy overweight supports leveraging trillions of blue oceans

the 2018 World AI conference will take "a new era of AI empowerment" as the theme and "high-end, international, professional and market-oriented" as the principle of the conference. It will be divided into four parts: Forum summit, special activities, exhibition and application, and innovation competition, focusing on the way of organizing the conference combining "industry, University, research, application and investment". During the conference, nearly 20 theme forums and summits will be held, and a number of integrated, diversified and regional AI immersive experiences will be created, which will become the highlights of the conference

China has always attached great importance to artificial intelligence. Since 2016, China has successively issued the three-year action implementation plan for "interconnected" artificial intelligence, the national scientific and technological innovation plan for the 13th five year plan, and the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence. In December last year, China issued the three-year action plan for promoting the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry (2018-2020), which takes the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology as the main line, and defines the priorities and goals of industrial development in the next three years

CCID data shows that in 2017, the scale of China's artificial intelligence market reached 21.69 billion yuan, an increase of 52.8% over 2015. According to the statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the development level of artificial intelligence technology in China is basically synchronized with that of advanced countries in the world. In the past two years, the number of new AI enterprises in China exceeded the total number of enterprises in the previous 10 years, and the total number of AI enterprises ranked second in the world

according to the plan, the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence in China will be divided into three steps by 2030. The first step, that is, by 2020, two years later, the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence will develop to the era of 2.0, and the competitiveness of the artificial intelligence industry will enter the first square in the world. At the same time, we will cultivate a number of leading artificial intelligence backbone enterprises in the world. The scale of the core industry of artificial intelligence will exceed 150billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to exceed 1trillion yuan

with the continuous breakthroughs in basic computing facilities, deep learning algorithms, big data and other technologies, the next era is bound to be artificial intelligence, "artificial intelligence +" has become a new engine for China's economic growth

the application of artificial intelligence is accelerating.

at present, the application of artificial intelligence in the industry is accelerating, and its application in home, automobile, unmanned system, health, security, smart city and other aspects is becoming increasingly common, promoting the progress of all walks of life and driving the growth of domestic industrial chain

first, the market is developing rapidly. Many scenes such as retail stores, family children's education, elderly care and household work under robot products have landed rapidly, and the market has grown rapidly, such as the market of educational robots and floor sweeping robots; Secondly, in the field of medical and health care, AI helps medical experts overcome difficulties, and has achieved remarkable results in voice recording of medical records, medical image analysis, health management, drug research and development, etc; AI has a wide range of application scenarios in the financial field. From identity authentication, intelligent risk control to asset management, investment analysis and judgment, AI and the financial field complement each other to further improve the safety of the industry

in the future, the field of artificial intelligence will be gradually carried out in an all-round way in the form of "ai+ industry", which will bring greater transformation and upgrading to various industries, and improve the intelligence level of various industries, improve the profitability of enterprises, and drive the development of all walks of life

according to the report "artificial intelligence: helping China's economic growth" released this year, artificial intelligence has the potential to drive China's annual economic growth rate up by 1.6 percentage points by 2035

tuyere or foam

in 2018, AI once again ushered in a "big year" in its development history. This year, AI has become a favorite under the spotlight of capital and talents. All kinds of enterprises and applications have blossomed everywhere and won countless applause and praise. But like the previous fire of virtual reality and sharing economy, the question of AI foam also followed

nowadays, with a large influx of funds, more and more companies begin to label AI, causing people to worry about the foam of AI. Rushing into mass action may cause artificial intelligence to be in a disorderly and inefficient repeated construction. In the past, large-scale iron and steel smelting, jet technology, silicon controlled rectifier (thyristor) devices are like this, and so are the development of new energy vehicles, robot industrial parks, drones, etc. of foam granulators of Enterprises above the scope of waste foam granulators. Now this is also common in the field of artificial intelligence industry. At present, there are some phenomena in the venture capital industry, such as blindly pursuing, regardless of the level of development of the field itself, or using artificial intelligence to package concepts. Although the resulting blind entrepreneurship and investment problems are not mainstream, they may still harm the healthy development of the entire industry. "2017 China US AI venture capital status and trends" pointed out that nearly 100 AI companies in China and the United States closed down in 2017

the development of artificial intelligence cannot be "artificial intelligence" for "artificial intelligence", nor can it blindly "catch up with the wind". We should lay a solid foundation, and make full use of the accumulation of algorithms, computing power and data according to the actual business scenarios, so as to produce practical results and bring tangible benefits to the society, so as to have a real future

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