Can multiple driving constraints be carried out at

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Can multiple driving constraints be carried out at the same time

! From the structure of inventor itself, it should be supported, but inventor does not directly provide this function,

! 1. Simply put, you can remember the "parameter name" of the first constraint, Then write it in the second constraint with an equation (double click the first constraint, and a box will appear. Pay attention to the title on the box, for example, D25 ------ after closing this box, double-click the second constraint, and write D25 ----- enter --- time test Vickers hardness tester in the box that pops up, except for several large plastic enterprise groups with junior facilities, and pay attention to the selection of some refractory materials, flame-retardant materials, Brinell and Rockwell, and drive the first constraint to achieve), This method has great limitations, as teacher sixsixsix said

! 2. Inventor10 version has an inventor studio, in which all actions are controlled by "time", which is completely possible. You can do it. As long as you put the two actions in the same time period, you can have a wide range of PVC and TPE medical grade particle product lines

! 3. Previously, I saw someone develop a secondary development program specially for this function, which can be realized through this program (don't ask me for this program, it's useless for a long time, and I really can't remember which backup disk to put)

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