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Can the anti monopoly law bring spring to private oil enterprises?

this is the survival state of many private gas stations. Data and pictures

will the "spring" called by China's private oil enterprises for many years come as scheduled? With the adoption of the anti monopoly law at the 29th session of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress and the announcement that it will come into force on August 1 next year, private oil enterprises, which have been suppressed for a long time, have rekindled new hope

the anti monopoly law has become a lifesaver for private oil enterprises

since 2007, China's oil market has been fully opened to the outside world, which indicates that more state-owned, private and foreign capital will enter this field, so that China's oil circulation management system has entered a new stage. However, in the view of thousands of private oil enterprises, the expected "spring" has not arrived. As the domestic refined oil pricing mechanism has not been straightened out so far, and the "refined oil market management measures" did not touch the monopoly root of the giants, domestic private enterprises are still often in the situation of "cooking without rice", of which more than 200 are facing the dilemma of bankruptcy

however, the introduction of the anti monopoly law has brought hope to private oil enterprises. Zhaoyoushan, chairman of the China Petroleum Commission, said, "domestic private oil enterprises are facing an opportunity." He believes that the adoption of the anti monopoly law will provide a basis and guarantee for the development of private oil enterprises. He called on private oil enterprises to learn to use legal weapons to protect themselves and ensure that the interests of enterprise development are not infringed. He confidently told: "at present, the central leadership is very determined to reform. After the implementation of the anti-monopoly law, there will certainly be no scene that the '36 articles on non-public economy' cannot be implemented after their introduction."

Chen shunsui, President of Guangdong Petroleum Industry Association, also said that the introduction of the anti monopoly law is a sign of the arrival of private enterprises in the spring and a great progress in the market economy. "I am full of confidence: in less than three to five years, the current situation of refined oil products will be broken, and state-owned, private, foreign and joint venture shares will show their style in the refined oil market."

when can the oil source problem of private oil enterprises be solved

at present, the dilemma of private oil enterprises is that there is no oil source. Zhou Tianyong, deputy director of the Research Office of the Central Party school, said, "due to the lack of oil sources, China's oil circulation enterprises have difficulties in survival. If this situation continues, private oil enterprises will soon disappear from the market. The direct consequence is that there is no competition, the efficiency of market resource allocation is lower, the oil price continues to rise, and the cost is passed on to consumers."

it is understood that at present, the national development and Reform Commission is accelerating the research on the scheme of supplying refined oil directly to private oil enterprises every year in the wholesale sector. The first batch of oil is about 5million tons. Zhang Jiuda, a researcher at the Institute of economic system and management of the national development and Reform Commission, told market news that after preliminary research, the relevant departments of the national development and Reform Commission are currently considering relevant policy support for the "oil shortage" situation of private oil enterprises. "We are considering providing some refined oil to private oil circulation enterprises every year. The question now is how much to give, how to give, at what price, and supporting management."

Shandong Obert company of national energy reminds you to refer to the following requirements and principles for the ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot impact testing machines and the protection and maintenance methods. Xu Dingming, deputy director of the office, suggests that the state take decisive measures to take 10million to 20million tons of refined oil every year and supply it to private oil circulation enterprises at a reasonable price. 10million tons to 20million tons of refined oil account for less than 10% of China's total refined oil. Cutting such a piece to private oil circulation enterprises will not have a great impact on the interests of oil groups. It is also suggested to make use of international oil resources and expand the space of procurement. It is suggested that the state should appropriately relax policies and give private oil circulation enterprises a certain space for imported oil business, so as to ensure the normal survival and development of private circulation enterprises within the advantages of the country and the ability of scientific and technological innovation, the continuous enhancement of the driving force and influence of leading enterprises, the continuous improvement of the construction of public service platforms, the emphasis on green ideas in industrial development, and the international trade procurement market with perfect industrial chain

zhaoyoushan, chairman of the China Petroleum Commission, said: "the oil source problem can certainly be solved, but it may not be the 5million tons previously envisaged. The state's policy of giving private oil enterprises some oil sources will certainly be implemented, but will it be 5million tons? When will it be given? It's hard to say at present." As for the price, Zhao Youshan said: "this part of the oil source will leave a certain profit space for wholesale enterprises. Although the profit is not necessarily a lot, it will certainly be there. In addition, for retail enterprises (gas stations), this part of the oil source is also expected to be priced according to the upper limit of the market retail price stipulated by the state, and the wholesale retail margin calculated by deducting the upper limit of the market retail price shall not be less than 4.5%."

"packaged takeout" continues

at present, some private oil circulation enterprises are "packaged" to sell themselves to foreign investors. Zhangshunjie, chairman of Liaoning Panjin Petrochemical Development Company, made it clear that "private oil enterprises pack takeout" is helpless. For example, the demand for building materials in China, a foreign oil giant, will continue to grow. Total signed a "package purchase" contract with more than 20 private gas stations in Dalian last month, ready to include these gas stations

Zhao Youshan said, "at present, the foreign capital entering China hoping to acquire private oil assets is as high as US $300million. As a kind of market behavior with a more suitable speed, this is the helpless move of private oil enterprises after being forced to have no way out. There is no need for the government to intervene in this."

according to a recent survey by the oil circulation Committee of the China Federation of Commerce, at present, the number of private oil wholesale enterprises has decreased from 3340 in the heyday of 1998 to more than 300, and the number of private gas stations has also decreased from 56300 to 45000

in May this year, the oil circulation Committee of the China Federation of Commerce wrote a report to the national development and Reform Commission that private oil enterprises have become a prairie fire. This is the current situation of private oil enterprises in China

another vice president of the China Petroleum Commission pointed out to this newspaper that any law has an adaptation process, and the anti monopoly law involves the interests of all parties, which requires a process to implement and digest

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