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When the paper price falls, can overseas demand bring about a reversal in the off-season?

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core tip: some small and medium-sized paper mills reduce prices one after another. The decline of paper price is imminent, and the market will decline. After several months of crazy price rises, finally, the rising momentum of paper price showed weakness in early March, and the market will decline, After several months of crazy price rises, the market finally showed signs of weakness in the rising momentum of paper prices at the beginning of March, and the bearish voice of the market became stronger and stronger

with the continuous decline of waste paper prices, the pulp price index fell, the mighty rise was curbed, and began to have a downward trend

recently, some small and medium-sized paper mills across the country have gradually adjusted their prices by a small margin in the form of price reduction or preferential treatment. A number of paper mills in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan and other places have recently reduced paper prices. The content on the responsibility of the packaging material supplier officially replaced the previous "packaging tax" on January 1, 2013, and most of its preferential range is yuan/ton

the bearish voice of the market is becoming stronger and stronger, and the wait-and-see attitude is strong

at the same time, in several customer groups, many downstream carton factories have expressed strong bearish on the market paper price. At present, the order market is not hot, and many people say that they are not in a hurry to place an order. If they place an order today, they may reduce the price tomorrow, so it is safer to hold a wait-and-see attitude

moreover, some carton factories said that the current factory order situation was relatively flat, and the factory's own inventory supply was sufficient, and there was no need to specially purchase 100

the decrease in downstream orders and the cooling of market demand are the primary reasons for the price reduction of small and medium-sized paper mills in some regions

although the price decline trend among small and medium-sized paper mills in some regions is ready to move, everyone's eyes are always focused on the every move of the leading paper enterprises in the industry. After all, the trend of the leading is the wind vane of the whole industry. Whether it is price rise or fall, the voice of the leading industry is decisive

however, not long ago, Nine Dragons Paper announced a price increase of yuan/ton on March 8. However, the price increase was mainly concentrated in whiteboard, while the corrugated paper commonly used by carton packaging enterprises increased by only 50 yuan/ton

does such a weak increase also indicate that nine dragons is worried that the market will no longer buy the price rise? After all, in March, the market demand performance was flat, and the rise of paper prices began to show weakness. The most important support point for the rise in prices has begun to shake, and the leaders have also lost the confidence to rise in prices

can the off-season in March and April reverse

just when everyone turned their attention to the leading paper enterprises and thought that the market price cut was imminent, nine dragons announced the shutdown and overhaul news again. Quanzhou Nine Dragons issued a notice that it planned to shutdown and overhaul the equipment from March to April 2021. Before that, nine dragons' Tianjin base also announced the shutdown information: its five paper machines will be shut down for days from April 6 to April 30. A few days ago, industry giant Shanying international also said that its three bases were shut down for maintenance for days

March and April are the traditional off-season of the paper industry. Paper mills generally choose to shut down for maintenance during this period, which can not only stagger the production needs of the traditional peak season, but also reduce the output in the off-season. Less supply can also play a certain role in protecting the price

to sum up, due to the market expectation of the off-season in March and April, the soaring base paper price since the beginning of spring has entered a cooling off period

at the same time, due to the price reduction of paper, the production enthusiasm of paper mills has decreased, and the replenishment mood of paperboard mills is not high. The inventory of both of them is at a low level, while the end customers and carton factories have accumulated inventory for nearly half a month in the early stage. After the inventory consumption of carton factories, it is bound to purchase orders from the upstream with low inventory level. Will it cause a small rebound in paper prices? This is also a matter of concern

in 2020, researchers first found that Bacillus megaterium can produce "abnormal" market demand since the fourth quarter of PHB, which can not be viewed from the usual perspective. Under the follow-up impact of the epidemic, the production capacity of overseas markets has not been completely repaired, and the foreign epidemic has not been effectively controlled, resulting in overseas demand pouring into domestic factories with stable epidemic control, The carton orders related to foreign trade are still in an extremely strong state. Under the condition that the export demand is still very strong, the interlaminar peeling performance of composite plastic packaging materials in paper industry may be redefined in the traditional off-season of March and April

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