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The future manufacturing of Glass King caodewang

recently, the documentary "American factory" triggered a heated debate, pushing caodewang, chairman of Glass King Fuyao Group, to the air of public opinion again. This representative, who was once rated as the "new manufacturing pioneer" and led the future manufacturing in the automotive and parts industry, took the lead in proposing "let industry 4.0 settle in Fuyao" in 2015, and made great strides in factory intelligence and greening

intellectualization: build a smart energy platform

since the launch of the smart energy platform, it has integrated distributed photovoltaic, waste heat power generation, triple supply gas units, energy storage and other energy sources to realize the cascade utilization of electricity, heat, cold, renewable energy

how much do you know about automotive glass? In the exhibition hall of Fuyao Group Research Institute in Fuqing City, Fujian Province, a variety of automotive glasses are dazzling: HUD head up display glass that can display the instrument panel, uv-cut glass that can isolate 99% UV radiation, dimming glass that can switch between transparency and opacity at will, and coated antenna front windshield that can receive radio waves, which includes many cutting-edge technologies

in the center of the exhibition hall, the smart energy management platform built by Fuyao Group and China Resources Power attracted attention. On the platform, the current proportion of clean energy, clean energy power and carbon dioxide emission reduction of Fuqing factory are dynamically displayed in real time

"70% of domestic car enterprises and 30% of foreign car enterprises use automotive glass produced by Fuyao Group. As a leading automotive glass manufacturer in the world, its enterprises have the characteristics of large power consumption and complex energy consumption equipment, and most of the plants have the conditions to develop distributed photovoltaic, which has the potential to realize the demonstration effect of 'integrated energy services'." Pan Chao, assistant general manager of Fuzhou company of China Resources Power southeast region, who is responsible for the construction of this platform, said to

in the plant area, we can see that the roof of the plant is covered with dense photovoltaic panels, which continuously deliver green power to the enterprise. In the workshop of the float production line, the flue gas generated by the kiln enters the waste heat boiler and generates steam to drive the steam turbine generator to generate electricity. The remaining heat is supplied to the air conditioner for refrigeration, and the hot water is used for the living area of the enterprise

"Since Fuyao Group launched the smart energy platform, it has integrated distributed photovoltaic, waste heat power generation, triple supply gas units, energy storage and other energy sources, intelligently controlled the storage and release of enterprise electric energy, realized the cascade utilization of electricity, heat, cold and renewable energy, greatly improved the comprehensive energy efficiency of the enterprise, regularly cleared the impurities in the oil tank and reduced the cost of the enterprise while optimizing the resource allocation on the customer side and continuously improving the proportion of clean energy Industrial energy cost. " The relevant person in charge of Fuyao Group calculated an account that through intelligent control, the platform can provide about 58million degrees of green and clean energy for Fuyao Fuqing project every year, accounting for 15% of the overall energy consumption of the enterprise, saving about 22000 tons of standard coal per year, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by about 2000 tons per year, carbon dioxide by about 54000 tons per year, and reducing enterprise costs by about 10million yuan per year. He revealed that in the next step, it will be gradually promoted in four float factories and 11 auto glass factories of Fuyao Group

Greening: Chongqing Wansheng, one of the four float factories of Fuyao Group, controls the "energy tiger"

float glass, and recycles high-temperature flue gas for power generation. This alone has successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about 46000 tons and saved energy by about 17700 tons of standard coal

float glass is the raw material for the production of automotive glass. The float glass manufacturing industry is a high energy consumption and resource industry, and has been listed as an industry with overcapacity by the state in recent years, It has experienced several rounds of capacity elimination. Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Wansheng"), one of the four float glass factories of Fuyao Group, has become one of the first batch of green factory enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology

it is understood that the kilns of the float production line need to consume a lot of natural gas. The 2017 financial report of the listed company of Fuyao Group shows that the cost of natural gas raw material for float glass accounts for a large proportion of the company's automotive glass cost composition, about 32.7%. Therefore, energy utilization control is very important

according to Chongqing Wansheng, the production of glass requires melting ingredients such as dolomite and limestone, and the temperature of furnace flue gas is as high as 530 ℃, which may cause thermal pollution if directly discharged. To this end, the company invested more than 45 million yuan to build a glass melting kiln flue gas waste heat power generation project to recover high-temperature flue gas for power generation. This alone has successfully reduced about 46000 tons of carbon dioxide and saved about 17700 tons of standard coal. At the same time, the company will use recycled power generation for production power, which can meet about 1/4 of the production power of the enterprise every year

"not only that, through the adjustment of product process formula, we have realized the recycling of defective products and leftovers in the production process, making them qualified raw materials, so as to realize the reuse of waste and eliminate the generation of industrial waste such as waste residue." He said that by using the vacuum system to pre form directly in the mold and actively exploring the mode of low-carbon green development, Chongqing Wansheng has made efforts in the aspects of process, technology, equipment transformation and products, and achieved both social and economic benefits

green + intelligence leads the innovation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

actively promote the research, development and application of high value-added green intelligent products. The front windshield has successfully eliminated the problem of high temperature in the car. The UV barrier rate of the product has reached more than 99%, and the solar radiation barrier rate is greater than 65%

the 2019 semi annual report of Fuyao Glass disclosed recently shows that even in the global economic slowdown Under the background of the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy and the continuous negative growth of the automotive industry, Fuyao Glass achieved an operating revenue of 10.287 billion yuan in the first half of this year, an increase of 2% over the same period last year

with the development of the automotive industry in the direction of intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection, Fuyao Group not only focuses on the intelligent and green transformation of the source production link, but also actively promotes the R & D and application of green intelligent products with high added value

"in addition to the most basic safety performance, a seemingly simple piece of automotive glass also hides many green technologies." In the exhibition hall of Fuyao Group Research Institute, the relevant person in charge pointed to a seemingly ordinary front windshield of the car and said, "how to reduce the temperature in the car in the heat is a common problem faced by every car owner. In addition to turning on the air conditioner to forcibly cool the car, there seems to be no better way.". The sunscreen and energy-saving automotive glass with low-E coating process can successfully eliminate the high temperature problem in the car by skillfully combining the high transmittance of the glass with the permeability of controlling solar thermal radiation. Experiments show that the UV barrier rate of the product is more than 99%, and the solar radiation barrier rate is more than 65%. The vehicle is exposed to the sun for two hours, and the temperature in the vehicle is 5 ℃ lower than that of vehicles using ordinary glass on average. At the same time, this glass can also reduce the use of air conditioners, which can be said to be a revolutionary product of green environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction

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