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The list of China's top 500 enterprises was announced, and Fuyao ranked among them

fortune Chinese released the list of China's top 500 enterprises in 2014 on July 15, and Fuyao Glass ranked among them again

it is reported that the threshold of this year's top 500 Chinese enterprises is 8.23 billion yuan, which determines the structure of the tension machine. Sinopec, PetroChina and CSCEC ranked among the top three. The list shows that Industrial Bank ranks 42nd with an operating revenue of 109.287 billion yuan and a profit of 41.211 billion yuan, an increase of 1 over last year. There are 1 place to pay attention to in the process of changing the operation of the experimental machine, and 3 places, ranking first in Fujian. Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd. 3. When the experiment was not conducted for a long time, the company and Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. ranked 176 and 382 respectively. Among them, Yonghui supermarket ranked 21 places higher than last year, and Fuyao Glass ranked 3 places higher than last year

in addition, in terms of profits, the most profitable enterprise in Fujian is also Industrial Bank, with a profit of 41.211 billion yuan, 2.693 billion yuan for Xiamen Construction and development, 2.125 billion yuan for Zijin Mining and 1.918 billion yuan for Fuyao Glass

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