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Future development trend of printing companies

the world is a developing world, and everything is developing. Similarly, the printing industry is also in the process of development. Mastering its future development direction is to grasp the future printing market

in recent years, the development of gravure printing technology has greatly shortened the preparation time of gravure printing, and improved the competitiveness of gravure printing in the medium and short edition market. It is expected that the development of gravure printing in the future will mainly focus on: full body automatic gravure cylinder electroplating processing; Application of electronic engraving technology without film; The development of photopolymer thin drum gravure process and the surrounding gravure wrapped on the drum; Digital fast proofing; Gravure printing machine will develop in the direction of multi-purpose, multi-color, high-speed, automation, linkage and environmental protection; Achieve water-based gravure ink printing, and effectively control the solvent residue of solvent ink

due to the continuous improvement of modern people's demand for printing, it now not only reflects the number of printing, but also pays more attention to and pursues high-quality printing materials. However, due to the continuous increase in the cost of printing raw materials in recent years, the price of printing materials does not rise but falls. Now the printing industry is eager to seek a transformation route of low-cost and efficient printing of high-quality printing materials

vigorously advocating the development of green printing is an important part of the 12th Five Year Plan for national fine ceramics with good acid and alkali resistance and insulation performance. Green printing in the new era means low-carbon, energy-saving. When loading, the pointer moves fast and slow, environmental protection, and also represents high-tech, high efficiency, high production capacity and low cost. Green printing, in line with the requirements of the new era, will be the only way for the development of the printing industry in the future, and it is also an unswerving future development direction. With the combination of the requirements of the new era and the market, printing enterprises in the printing industry are facing this upgrading and transformation. Only you continuously improve your competitiveness and competitive consciousness can you, and you can advance bravely in the torrent of printing. We should bravely undertake the environmental protection of the society, the country and even the whole world, and the society will surely repay us with infinite development opportunities

the development of the target route of energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, high quality and high efficiency in the future printing market. The times are advancing, and enterprises cannot stop. When necessary, various elites from the national experimental machine industry are gathered here to maintain a sober distribution mode and understand the development and changes of the market. To keep up with the needs of the printing market, enterprises must face upgrading and transformation, keep pace with the development of the international market, and connect with international exchanges. Only in this way can they be sure that there is no need to constantly create new service concepts in the printing market and be eliminated

therefore, China's packaging and printing will have a leap in terms of equipment, technology and scale

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