Fuzhou has successfully developed a new type of st

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Fuzhou has successfully developed a new type of "starch acetate tableware"

recently, Fuzhou baochuang Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. has successfully studied starch acetate tableware and various industrial packaging products with a total plastic consumption of about 350000 tons per year. The product has no PP, PE, PVC, PS, pet plastic components, and its color is light yellow

it is reported that the cost of this product is low compared with foreign pure starch polylactic acid products, and the cost per ton is only 6500 yuan; Good heat resistance, up to 100 ℃; It can withstand low temperature of - 20 ℃ and ensure that the speed accuracy is within ± 1% of the indicated value without peculiar smell. The product has now entered the industrialization. People continue to improve the production requirements for the mechanical property test of materials. The research, development and production of starch acetate technology is expected to replace the traditional PS foaming tableware and industrial packaging supplies. At present, the company has received product orders from Japan

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