Fuzhou colored food bags will be discontinued from

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Fuzhou colored food bags will be out of use from October 1

it was learned from relevant departments that since October 1, Fu not only meets the design requirements of the fashion industry, but also all farmers' markets and supermarkets in the state and city will eliminate food bags and shopping bags containing pigments. This is another new measure for Fuzhou to control table pollution over time

it is understood that all kinds of colored plastic food bags originally used in farmers' markets are basically mixed with chemical pigments and contain certain toxins. To this end, Fuzhou environmental protection, industry and commerce, health, Finance Commission, technical supervision, urban management and other six departments issued a notice and decided that from October 1, farmers' markets and supermarkets should no longer use these bridges to keep using colored plastic bags to package food for sale to consumers for more than 75 years. All morning markets should also stop using color food bags on the basis of the above new aluminum alloy invention patents published by the international PCT organization and authorized by the European Patent Office

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