Fushun Petrochemical is the most popular raw mater

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Fushun Petrochemical is the raw material for increasing production of "ethylene aircraft carrier"

Fushun Petrochemical is the raw material for increasing production of "ethylene aircraft carrier"

2017 the company's main business of plastic modification materials has an obvious feature in recent years. August 10, 2017

w-b75 Vickers hardness tester can be used [China paint information] recently, Fushun Petrochemical's annual output of 1.2 million tons of medium pressure hydrogenation, the addition of naphtha absorption tower, and the reconstruction and opening project were completed, It is estimated that the technical transformation plan can increase the liquefied gas recovery rate of the unit by 39.5 percentage points and increase the production of 3000 tons of high-quality cracking materials per month

the annual 1.2 million ton medium pressure hydrogenation unit of the third oil plant of Harbin Petrochemical is the source of raw materials for ethylene plant. Before the transformation, the self-produced gas in the device contained 44.28% of the components above propane. According to the relevant optimization plan, these components can also be used as high-quality raw materials for ethylene plants to create greater value. Today, the technicians will share with you the summarized methods of some safe protective equipment and maintenance methods. For this purpose, after research, they have finalized the scheme of adding a light hydrocarbon absorption system to the hydrogenation unit. The technical transformation scheme is relatively complex, requiring the addition of an absorption stabilization tower, a series heat exchanger, 4 cold exchange equipment and 6 pumps

therefore, Fushun No.3 petrochemical plant took advantage of the favorable opportunity of the overhaul of all n-octave (OCT) Company in July to steadily promote this work, and reserved interfaces for equipment that did not arrive at the plant temporarily, so as to ensure that the system can be connected when the unit is under operation. It is expected that this transformation will be completed by the end of this year

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