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There are 18 new professions such as the bartender! See if there is a career you like

release date: Source: China's Ministry of human resources and social security, the State Administration of market supervision and administration, the National Bureau of statistics and other three departments recently jointly released integrated circuit engineering technicians, enterprise compliance engineers, corporate financial consultants, bartenders, used car brokers, car rescuers, beverage mixers, food safety managers, service robot application technicians, electronic data forensics analysts, vocational trainers There are 18 new occupations, including password technology applicator, building curtain wall designer, carbon emission administrator, pipe gallery operation and maintenance personnel, wine body designer, intelligent hardware installation and adjustment personnel, and industrial vision system operation and maintenance personnel

this is the fourth batch of new occupations released since the promulgation of the code of occupational classification of the people's Republic of China (2015 Edition). At the same time of releasing the new occupation information, the "community affairs officer" and other relevant occupational types of work information were also adjusted and changed

the development of digital technology has spawned new careers. The electronic data investigation and analysis service is also gradually extended by the judicial organ, and the fracture surface is about 45 ° to the axis of the specimen to other administrative law enforcement departments and large enterprises and institutions. The inclusion of "electronic data forensics analyst" into the occupational classification catalogue will effectively promote the standardization and specialization of the profession and provide a strong scientific and technological guarantee for public environmental health and safety. Cryptographic technology is recognized as the most effective, reliable and economical technology to ensure network and information security. As the main force on the supply side, user side and supervision side of cryptographic technology application, the "cryptographer" will escort the security, accommodation and supervision of the digital economy. "Service robot application technician" is directly responsible for the demand feedback, application and promotion of service robots, and is an important talent support to promote the development of service robot industry

in addition, "integrated circuit engineering technicians", "intelligent hardware installers" and "industrial vision system operators" are all new occupations generated by the development and reform of digital technology. These new occupations are of great significance to promote the healthy development of the digital economy

the high-quality development of enterprises breeds new careers. The "enterprise compliance division" will play an active role in standardizing the investment and operation behavior of enterprises, paying attention to environmental protection from the demand side, fulfilling the social responsibility, and improving the soft power of enterprise competition. Financing is an important business for the survival and development of enterprises. By connecting financial institutions and financial markets through "corporate financial consultants", enterprises can effectively avoid problems such as asymmetric investment and financing information, and can also cultivate new businesses and business opportunities while realizing the adjustment of financial structure. Banks and other financial institutions can also expand diversified businesses through "corporate financial advisers", stabilize the risks caused by economic cycle fluctuations, and improve the efficiency of serving the real economy

with the help of modern information technology means, through the efficient and practical barter platform, the effective integration of remaining assets and the rapid exchange and docking of resources have become an important means for enterprises to break through regional restrictions, achieve free docking, and solve the shortage of funds and product backlog. Professional "barters" can systematically use the theory of resource integration to promote the harmonious distribution and optimization of resources among production, supply and marketing, and effectively solve the problems of late sales, slow sales and suspension of sales of products. They are emerging composite talents urgently needed by barter enterprises

green - in May 2014, new occupations emerged from the development concept and food safety requirements. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress proposed to "establish and improve the economic system of green and low-carbon circular development". At the end of 2020, the Ministry of ecological environment issued the measures for the administration of Carbon Emission Trading (Trial), and a new career of "carbon emission manager" came into being. This professional practitioner will play an active role in carbon emission management, trading and other activities to effectively promote greenhouse gas emission reduction

"food safety managers" as personnel engaged in food safety risk control and management in food production, catering services, food circulation and other activities, there will be huge market demand in the future

people are increasingly making another important contribution to the 3D printing industry. The growing good life needs to derive new careers. The upgrading of cars brings a large number of second-hand car trading needs, and the trading methods show a trend of complexity, diversification and specialization. Used car transactions involve brand certification, auction transactions, entrusted transactions, various financial services, quality assurance and other businesses, thus giving birth to professional "used car brokers". By providing professional transaction consulting and transaction services, we can maintain a fair, open and transparent transaction order, improve transaction efficiency, and meet the personalized needs of the public for cars

with the change of life mode and the acceleration of the pace of life, the original single drinks such as tea, milk or yogurt have been difficult to meet the diversified needs of consumers. In recent years, new delicious health drinks developed by integrating tea, milk, fruits and vegetables have emerged, which are widely loved by the masses, especially young people. As an emerging profession, "Beverage Blender" is not only conducive to promoting flexible employment, but also can drive the development of tea, milk, fruits and vegetables and other industries

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