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Low voltage electrical appliance export enterprises should strengthen internal management

in the first half of the year, when the export situation of low-voltage electrical appliances is not optimistic, how should low-voltage electrical appliance export enterprises develop? Wenzhou electrical industry association puts forward three measures

first of all, enterprises should calmly analyze market changes and improve their response ability before the recovery of the international market. The salesmen and purchasers of enterprises should analyze the situation and dynamics of the market, and actively adjust the product structure and production and sales system to adapt to the changes of the market. Sales personnel are in the front line of the market. While doing a good job in sales, they should improve the ability of the enterprise to observe the market, guide the development direction of the enterprise, and provide the expected goal of product production with the wide use of PP materials

secondly, enterprises should strengthen internal management and promote innovation. Take the market as the guide, take the management as the foundation, take the benefit as the center, and strengthen the basic management of the enterprise. For example, through bidding, comparing quality and price, reasonably increase the purchase volume, so as to control the purchase cost of raw materials; Reduce material consumption by repairing the old and recycling the waste, and making small changes; Reduce material consumption by reforming process; Tong can shorten the cycle time required for the large-scale production of battery modules and battery packs, strengthen energy management, and strengthen the energy-saving management of water and electricity; Enhance the quality of front-line operators and improve production efficiency by strengthening team management; Through thrift, we can improve our style of work and control costs

third, we should further strengthen internal financial management. We should establish a gross profit rate evaluation system, take measures to optimize and adjust the product structure, establish an exit mechanism for loss making products, eliminate the sources of losses of enterprises, and develop products with high profit margin and high added value. In addition, we should strengthen the cost control of enterprises, including R & D, procurement, production, inventory and sales process. We should also strengthen fund management and reduce the period cost according to this result. Enterprises should pay attention to the source management of funds, increase the recovery of accounts receivable, reduce the occupation of product funds, reduce controllable capital expenditure, and improve the efficiency of enterprises

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