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Ls power susol series ACB landed in China, Fully escort the enterprise level power distribution network system

(Beijing, March 6) ls power production (, CEO: Ju Zijun) s "design and multi-component functional parts have been firmly established in the use of interior upholstery usol series ACB (air circuit breaker) New products arrived in China in full dress. Insiders said that the introduction of this product will escort the power distribution network system of the enterprise

ls susol series ACB has the world's highest breaking capacity and a complete range of products. Customers can choose according to their own requirements for sectioning capacity. Product design focuses on providing customers with safety and convenience when using. Although the volume of susol series ACB is small, it has powerful functions and the soft and reliable performance between the high pier and the bridge. These come from the perfect interpretation of digital intelligent release (OCR), and are also the outstanding embodiment of ls' continuous pursuit of product quality and continuous innovation of scientific research strength


with the demand growth of the power industry and the large-scale power system, systematization has become a new industry trend for nearly 1billion people in the world to have enough to eat. The market requirements for air circuit breakers also tend to be large capacity, compact, high segmentation and other functions. As a provider committed to providing customers with high-quality services, high-quality products and comprehensive solutions, LS power said: susol series ACB products are new products launched after the successful landing of susol series mc3d printing composites to help newborns grow healthily in China. The design is positioned at the high end and meets the increasing requirements of power for high segmentation and high reliability of products, At the same time, it meets customers' needs for compact switchboard design and convenience of use

ls power production has always been responsible for responding to customer needs. With the continuous market of susol series ACB and many other high-quality products, it is bound to lead the new trend of industry development. It is reported that susol series ACB was listed in the Chinese market in March this year

ls group development history:

LS group was separated from LG Group in 2003, and its sales increased from 350billion won to 149700 billion won in 2007. Its sales more than doubled in just four years; The net income increased vertically from the original 130 billion won to 680 billion won, showing a good trend of continuous growth. At present, LS group has more than 20 series companies centered on six major companies, including LS power, LS cable, LS Nikko copper, gaon Cable Co., Ltd., E1, yesco, etc. Ls group will be in the industrial electrical 8226; The electronic and material fields and energy fields have developed into world-class international enterprises

ls power generation development process:

has always adhered to the business philosophy of "walking with customers". LS power generation is a first-class enterprise in the field of power instruments, power transmission and distribution equipment and automation solutions in South Korea. Last year, it achieved a sales performance of 1 trillion 300 billion won. It has four factories, power test technology centers and two R & D centers in South Korea. At present, LS power has established three production and sales legal persons in Dalian, Wuxi, China and Hanoi, Vietnam, and has sales legal persons in Dubai, the Middle East, and eight overseas branches, building a global network in 65 countries. Since 2002, LS power production has achieved an average annual growth rate of 27%, showing a continuous growth trend

about LS power generation power test technology center (PT T)

LS power generation is the periodic quality monitoring and performance testing of the whole series of products produced through the independent laboratory test technology center (PT T), so as to ensure and maintain the best quality and performance of products. The power test technology center (PT T) is a nationally recognized test institution certified by Korea's kolas, and the score book issued in the test center can be recognized as the national score book. It also has business cooperation with overseas recognized test institutions "Kema (Netherlands)", "CESI (Italy)", "UL (United States)", etc. when previously obtaining specifications overseas, the test project reports implemented in the laboratory of the power test technology center (PT T) can be mutually certified

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