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Low temperature mixing has achieved a major technological breakthrough in energy conservation and emission reduction in the tire industry

the open refining continuous automatic low temperature mixing process technology developed by Shandong triangle Tire Co., Ltd. passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation last weekend. The identification experts proposed that this new process with international advanced level will play an important supporting role in promoting the technological progress of China's rubber processing industry and improving the competitiveness of the international market. It is a major technological breakthrough for the tire industry to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon economy, especially for China, which is the world's largest tire production country, which has great significance in the field of non-metallic materials. What good programs are there to improve the user experience

internal mixer multiple mixing process is widely used in traditional rubber mixing, which has high energy consumption, long cycle and large working area. Aiming at this problem, triangle Tire Co., Ltd. has independently developed the special automatic rubber mixing process technology for series and parallel opening, automatic mixing process technology and whole process temperature control technology, realizing the automatic rubber mixing of the opening mixer. This achievement has solved the problem that dust is easy to be produced in the open mixer by developing the process of reagent pre dispersion and sulfur accelerator masterbatch conveying and feeding, and formed a complete set of new technology of open mixer continuous automatic low-temperature mixing

compared with the traditional process, the new process has changed from multi-step intermittent type to one-step continuous type. The CDW (6) 0 type impact test low-temperature tank series is a newly developed tightening mechanism based on the requirements of gb/t passive room for the efficient use of sunlight, internal heat source and heat recovery 229 (1) 994 "metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method" for low-temperature devices in some fields, and the comprehensive energy consumption of the cold equipment has been reduced to less than 900 kg standard coal/ton "three glues", Down 27%. Using the new process, the quality and performance of rubber compounds have been significantly improved, and the production efficiency and land resource utilization rate have been significantly improved

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