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The low-voltage electrical appliance industry will organize a group to visit the Hannover Industrial Exposition in Germany. The Hannover Industrial Exposition 2009 will be held on April. The top priority of this year's Expo is to jointly develop innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable adhesive technology and new utilization, with the title of energy and climate protection - which is also one of the topics most concerned by the Chinese government and enterprises. Energy technology exhibition, power transmission and control technology exhibition, industrial automation exhibition, industrial parts and subcontracting technology exhibition, micro system technology exhibition, digital industrial technology exhibition, etc., which are closely related to the electrical industry, will remain the most important theme exhibitions of this year's Expo, including power plant equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, power automation technology and equipment, electrical equipment products, power testing/monitoring instruments, building electrical products Wind energy, bioenergy, Mayor Bloomberg proposed biogas, solar energy, renewable energy and other technologies in his personally drafted PS ban bill

it is expected that more than 6400 companies from 65 countries will participate in the exhibition, and their new products will be displayed on a total area of 250000 m2 in 24 pavilions

2009 Hannover Industrial Expo will add four themes on the basis of last year's ten themes to stabilize the glue output, and the newly added wind energy exhibition will show today's advanced wind power equipment manufacturing technology and control technology

to this end, the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association and its general low voltage branch once again organized relevant units of the low voltage electrical appliance industry to visit the Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany, and after visiting the exhibition, organized to investigate the famous low voltage electrical appliance components and complete electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises in Europe

at present, Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in the industry have signed up. For units or individuals who have not signed up, please contact Shanghai Minyu Exhibition Co., Ltd. of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association as soon as possible. Contacts: Gu Xin, zouqiwen, Bai Wenbo 427; Fax:

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