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On June 4, LS power (President Ju Zijun,) will participate in the "12th International Industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition" held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, LS will bring its world-class automation solutions, electric machinery and other new products to the market

ls power generation is the largest automation equipment in South Korea. 7. Strain system inspection: calibration and zeroing of extensometer: measurement of standard length power machinery manufacturer. Separated from LG Group in 2005, it is a large enterprise mainly engaged in the field of industrial power. 1. Brief introduction of Rotorless vulcanizer of Jinan experimental machine factory. For more than 20 years since 1987, LS power generation has been a leading enterprise in the field of automation equipment and electric machinery in South Korea

the main products grandly launched at the 12th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition include the susol series, which won the "ifdesignaward", the next generation plcxgt, and the is7 series of frequency converters designed with customer focus and environmental protection

susol series has won the "ifdesignaward" award from the world authoritative Association - internationalforumdesign. It is a high-end product aimed at the world market, and small enterprises basically have no say in it. It is also the main product developed in the "world first" project of LS power

xgtplc is a built-in ultra small computing and processing unit (MPU) developed by LS power generation. It is a product that realizes the highest level of 28ns (ns:1 billionth of a second) ladder command language processing speed and 3.9/256 word parts per million of a second) transmission speed in the industry

the customer-centered function design and environmental protection design of the is7 series of frequency converters in line with ROHS regulations (the directive on the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) also attracted the attention of visitors

Jin qizhun, President of LS power China, said, "China will become the headquarters of LS Power Asia's overseas business center for the global LS power generation", "the purpose of LS power's exhibition this time is not a simple introduction of new products, but to focus on the presentation of solutions. We hope to show Chinese customers the excellent technical strength of LS power through this exhibition"

it is reported that LS power generation aims to provide overall solutions, will establish a localized business structure in China, and plans to maximize its service force in China

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