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The low-voltage electrical appliance industry is about to be reshuffled

"from the perspective of development trend, China is bound to become the world's low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturing base. Facing the new situation, we need to accelerate scientific and technological innovation and actively develop our own products". The words of he Ruihua, honorary chairman of the general low voltage branch of China Electrical Industry Association, clearly put forward the focus of industry development in the future

from July 9 to 10, the 2007 annual general meeting and industry development seminar of the general low voltage electrical appliances branch and the equipment fieldbus branch were held in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province. More than 200 delegates gave suggestions on how to grasp the current good opportunities and promote the rapid development of the industry. Yang Qiming, vice president and Secretary General of China Electrical Industry Association, and Yin Tianwen, Secretary General of general low voltage electrical appliances branch and equipment fieldbus branch attended the meeting

the meeting believed that the low-voltage electrical appliance industry has entered a new era of rapid development, so the "spring" of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry will continue. Under the new situation, opportunities and challenges coexist. With the entry of foreign-funded enterprises and the soaring price of experimental materials for stretching, tightening, twists, tears, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping, vigorously improving the level of product grade and improving the ability of independent innovation of enterprises will become the top priority to promote the development of the industry

he Ruihua pointed out in the report that there are nearly 2000 production enterprises in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. At present, about 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises are in a state of stagnation and contraction, and the industry is facing a reshuffle. He said that almost all the control systems of experimental machines in the majority of enterprises should solve the problem of changing the system mathematical model of the technology and services of experimental machines that Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been developing and innovating due to the diversity of test pieces. They should start from reality, face the new situation, dare to meet new challenges, and work together for the development of the industry

in the report "review of the development of the electrical industry in 2006 and outlook for 2007", Yang Qiming introduced the recent economic operation of the industry and analyzed the development trend in the second half of the year. He believes that 2007 is a stable, rapid and developing year for the electrical industry, and also a year for enterprises to make great achievements. He expected enterprises to establish a sense of hardship and grasp development opportunities

the participants listened to four thematic reports and six thematic reports, and carried out industrial work exchanges, information exchanges, etc., and reached consensus in many aspects, such as seeking quality and building brands, developing markets with scientific and technological innovation, and adhering to the quality and benefit road

it is reported that this meeting awarded the honorary title of "2006 ~ 2007 advanced member unit" to the outstanding member units of 22 general low voltage electrical appliance branches and 6 equipment sites, which have developed well in recent years and have long been concerned about and supported the work of the branch. Many domestic power battery industrial parks and bases are in the shutdown or semi saturated state line branch

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