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Ls power generation engineering machinery application promotion meeting held in Xiangtan

recently, LS power generation (CEO: Ju Zijun,) held a construction machinery application promotion meeting in Xiangtan, Hunan. At the meeting, LS power and Xiangtan Xinyuan automatic control equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. fully exchanged the application of LS power products in construction machinery, and intensively displayed the excellent performance of new automation products is7, xgt, XP HMI and application cases of power products. The promotion meeting not only received high praise from the guests, but also strengthened the confidence of Xiangtan entrepreneurs in LS power generation

among the automation products produced by LS, xgt series is a new concept and a new generation of industrial solutions, which is based on open network, high-speed processing, miniaturization and easy-to-use programming. With the full-featured GUI programming tools of xgt board, any user can easily configure the system. The economical and practical man-machine interface, professional technology, rich functions and reliability require that the relevant space can be reliable to ensure that the system is always in the best running state. At the same time, xgt series provides useful application configurations and a variety of network modules and special modules. Therefore, the best system can be configured according to industrial applications and system scale

with the demand growth of the power industry and the large-scale power system, systematization has become a new mainstream industry trend. The market requirements for air circuit breakers also tend to be large capacity, compact, high breaking and other functions. In order to realize complete line protection assistance and the structure of power it system, in addition to the existing relay function, other additional functions need to be added to meet the market demand

therefore, susol series products produced by LS also received great attention at this promotion meeting. The Acb product design of LS power generation is positioned at the high end to meet the increasing requirements of power generation for high breaking and high reliability of products, as well as customers' requirements for compact switchboard design. The N-pole conductivity of the whole series of products is 100% in, and the convenience for customers is increased by providing a variety of accessories and connection schemes

whether it is the automation products is7, xgt, XP HMI produced by LS, the theme of this forum is new materials, new energy and new development, or a series of power products represented by susol, have won the affirmation and praise of the participating entrepreneurs, and the promotion meeting has achieved a complete success. The promotion of LS electric products in hoisting, tower crane and other industries will also take new steps

ls group development history:

ls group was separated from LG Group in 2003, and can be rated as a first-class enterprise in the field of industrial electrical/electronics, consumables and energy. Sales increased 2.5 times, nearly 18 trillion KRW 200 billion; The net income increased to 3.4 times, about 1 trillion 200 billion won, showing a good trend of continuous growth in double digits every year. At present, LS group has more than 30 series companies centered on six major companies, including LS power, LS cable, LS Nikko copper, gaon cable, E1, yesco, and more than 40 networks of legal persons and branches in the United States and Europe

ls power generation development process:

has been adhering to the business philosophy of "walking with customers". LS power generation is a first-class enterprise in the field of Korean power instruments and power transmission and distribution equipment, automation solutions at the beginning of this century, with a sales performance of 1 trillion 400 billion won. It has three factories and power test technology centers and two R & D centers in South Korea, three production and sales legal persons in Dalian, Wuxi and Hanoi, Vietnam, as well as Dubai sales legal persons in the Middle East and eight overseas branches, and has built a global network in 65 countries. Ls power generation focuses on its own characteristics and applicable environment, special high-quality, excellent product technology research and development strength, and develops into a top solution provider through the provision of customer-centered total solution

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