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Microsoft's new patent says that fingerprint recognition should be like this in the future.

recently, Microsoft envisioned a new fingerprint sensor patent. Interestingly, it can not only be installed on the main body of our laptop, but also be integrated into the windows keys on the keyboard. The patent, called keyboard fingerprint sensor, describes a method of directly embedding fingerprint recognizer into windows key. Technically, just touch this button to register 76%, 75% and 96% of output value, tax revenue and fixed asset investment respectively, and log in windows or various services

the technology described in the patent is changed to: "the key cap includes a notch to expose the fingerprint sensor below, so that the fingerprint sensor can be visible through the opening on the keyboard surface. Alternatively, the key cap can also be designed as the surface of the hidden fingerprint sensor, and the sensor keys match with other keys in the normal arrangement, so that the sensor keys are mixed together and no difference can be seen." That is to say, the integrated fingerprint identification material experimental machine classifies other windows keys according to the loading method, and the shape of other keys is the same

Microsoft believes that this technology can improve the user experience of windows Hello, and has invested a lot of money here, hoping to completely eliminate the traditional password. We may see this technology in surface pro in the near future

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