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New mode of instrument sharing: experimental instrument sharing stations are gradually rising

Abstract: units that need experimental instruments cannot find equipment; In units with experimental instruments, the utilization rate of instruments is not high. For a long time, the sharing of experimental instrument resources has become a "stumbling block" of scientific and technological innovation. According to relevant statistics, at present, the idle rate of domestic experimental instruments and equipment reaches 20%

the unit that needs experimental instruments cannot find the equipment; In units with experimental instruments, the utilization rate of instruments is not high. For a long time, the sharing of experimental instrument resources has become a "stumbling block" of scientific and technological innovation. According to relevant statistics, at present, the idle rate of domestic experimental instruments and equipment reaches 20%

recently, an instrument sharing station based on the Internet is emerging. Using the Internet as the medium to create an instrument sharing ecosystem, can it really speed up China's scientific research

what makes profit? Commission and data value

not long ago, Wei Jiaxing, a young entrepreneur, settled his company in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The company's main business is the efficient sharing of experimental instruments and equipment

the Internet start-up company he runs, called bio Tesco, originated from an award-winning project of Jiangsu entrepreneurship competition - "I Chuang Cup", which has gradually become a reality

why are you involved in this field? When asked about his original intention of starting a business, Wei Jiaxing said: "when scientists are the dream of many people when they were young, I am no exception, but when I grew up, I found that it is difficult to change a field with scientific research products. If through the integration of Internet platforms, it is likely to speed up China's scientific research from another side."

"what we are promoting now is the '+ interconnection' in the field of Bioscience, which solves the problem of sharing experimental instruments. The idle experimental instruments in Colleges and universities, enterprises and scientific research institutes can be rented through the network platform, which can not only prevent the idleness of instruments, but also save experimenters a lot of expenses." He said

what is the mutually beneficial sharing of experimental instruments? Can these "problems" that have plagued the scientific research community for many years be easily solved through interconnection? What is its operation mode and where is its profit point? People's doubts are exactly the questions that investors he met have asked countless times. The idea is good, but will it fail to reflect the reality

"when starting a business, it was an idea to transfer government functions to enterprises, and let the platform accurately find its profit point through market-oriented operation." Wei Jiaxing said. According to Wei Jiaxing, the company aims to make profits in the form of advertising fees and commissions. "Now, each of the 400 online suppliers will charge a security deposit of 5000 yuan or more, and the instrument can advertise on the station. A small part of the unit fee for renting the instrument is also used as the platform fee."

not only that, they also thought of another profit point, that is, the big data searched by the instrument demander on the station can also be collected as resources to provide market reference to equipment providers. Although the price of such paid service is not high, it is very popular in the market. "In this way, the instrument market can accurately know effective information such as second-hand equipment recycling and market demand." Wei Jiaxing said

what services do you provide? From reimbursement to incubation, instrument sharing is not only as simple as Internet leasing, but also a single form that can be easily copied. Wei Jiaxing said that now this is just an incision. In the future, we need to expand extended services, both the main business and one-stop services, in order to compete in the market

"biomedical research needs to do a lot of experiments and buy a lot of reagents. We first do platform reagent procurement services, and then involve in instrument rental technical services." This market, which is made of non-toxic materials, has a lot of space in Wei Jiaxing's view. He said that from university research institutes to enterprises, instrument sharing exists in the whole process of a scientific research achievement from design to decision-making, and then to the formation of products. "Someone has made statistics that the domestic market has about 300billion shares, and the foreign market is about 700billion."

now, the company also plans to carry out platform cooperation with relevant provincial and municipal departments, universities and development zones. "We should not only build a platform, but also hope to carry out offline incubation services in the future to reduce the burden on the government. For example, when there are more online trading enterprises, we can promote the settlement of 100 enterprises, undertake the operation of incubators, and carry out offline incubation." Wei Jiaxing said

"in the past, when scientific researchers were reimbursed, they had to go to the logistics group for filing, get the bill and ask the leader to sign it, and then take the bill to the finance department for reimbursement. A scientific researcher may spend a quarter of his time on the procedure every day." Nowadays, purchasing consumables or renting instruments on the system platform can be completed by directly placing an online order and submitting the invoice to the finance department. In addition, the company can also build a laboratory management system, that is, to manage each laboratory. This low-temperature incubator should be regularly cleaned, which will help to improve the viscosity of users

what are the difficulties? Breaking the habits of old users

there are many platforms for sharing experimental instruments, and each has its own characteristic mode. The industry has a good prospect, but it also faces many difficulties in the actual operation process

the software industry is different from others. In addition to the emerging peer competition, it also faces the "invasion" of some "guerrillas" who change places one shot at a time. The software has a certain "Stickiness" to users. Some customers are used to the platform they built before, and they are unwilling to use the new system because they have paid the development cost. In the view of entrepreneurs such as Wei Jiaxing, this part of the market is the most difficult to overcome. "How to persuade others? Even if you and customers know that the old system is very backward, and the company selling software has no follow-up upgrade services, it can't be replaced."

another corrosion problem caused by other acidic media is the difficulty of resource allocation and financing. Many large-scale instruments are in Colleges and universities and scientific research institutes. How to bridge the gap and let them take out their "babies" for sharing is not a small project. Financing is also the most critical issue. "For start-ups, the general book flow can only last for three months. Without funds, they may face the risk of 'unable to carry' at any time."

with the continuous development of the company, talent issues have also been put on the agenda. Wei Jiaxing said that nowadays, there are many applicants for each recruitment, but only a few can be interested in coloring and water resistance. His requirements for talents are "to have work experience, not to mention, to be able to start immediately, and to be able to use on duty". Moreover, his most important point is whether he can make friends with scientific researchers. "We must have enough patience to enter the laboratory and listen to the opinions of researchers on the use of the platform. How to make them have the best use experience is the most important thing to think about."

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