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New members join: UFIDA Mobile Communication Technology Service Co., Ltd.

UFIDA Mobile Communication Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UFIDA communication), an independent subsidiary of UFIDA group, was established in March 2014. In August of the same year, it obtained the business license for mobile resale (in dark gray fiber or grain shape) issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology. In October, UFIDA communication brand was released, as a platform company leading the development of UFIDA mobile Internet market, Develop communication software integration services. UFIDA communications clearly determines that it is located in the service enterprise level city and has always been unable to adjust the market, providing enterprises with mobile information integration solutions for communication services and it services

at present, the main business lines of UFIDA communication mainly cover:

first, UFIDA doodle communication capability open platform

relying on the enterprise software and Internet services of UFIDA group, UFIDA communication combines traditional telecommunication technology and communication internet technology to create an open communication capability platform, UFIDA doodle, which realizes the seamless embedding of communication capability into software and applications. Enterprise customers can directly initiate calls in the business flow and approval process, Further improve the efficiency of enterprise management, restructure enterprise communication, and let applications speak

UFIDA doodle platform serves a variety of integration objects, which can be traditional software developers, Internet app and cloud service developers. By opening HTTP and API interface forms to users, UFIDA doodle can easily access various applications

the basic communication capability channel accessed by UFIDA doodle is provided by professional communication operators with professional communication capability, and through multi-channel optimization, it provides users with telecommunication level performance, cost-effective, simple access and interactive friendly communication services. UFIDA Dudu platform can not only provide diversified communication capabilities, such as multi-party call, click dial, voice notification, recording, reservation, IVR and other communication services, but also provide ISV with professional operation auxiliary value-added services, such as account management, billing management, recharge card management, number configuration management, capability package management, multi-channel management, etc

as one of the four group level platforms of UFIDA, UFIDA Dudu has completed the docking with the full range of products of UFIDA. After the early integration practice within UFIDA group, UFIDA communication will not only open the communication ability and operation ability, but also the integration experience of various enterprise management software applications for large, medium, small and micro enterprises

II. Duduyun switchboard

Duyun switchboard is an enterprise office service tailored by UFIDA communications for enterprise customers. With the whole scene application of enterprise office as the core, terminals such as telephone and computer will provide office services for enterprises through ICT integration technology and cloud deployment

if you use duduyun switchboard, you only need to buy a few IP phones and choose a suitable phone bill package, and everything will be fine. The enterprise will automatically obtain a fixed number free of application, a switchboard with IVR navigation that can continuously narrow the gap with the world's advanced level, and a set of system that is convenient to manage the communication records of each extension. In terms of call costs, calls between extensions are free, which is particularly suitable for distributed office environments in different places. In terms of the flexibility of system access, in addition to the fixed IP, there is also a client to facilitate field personnel to access and contact at any time. There is almost no upper limit on multi-party meeting ability, and it supports team level and department level communication. All these functions can be realized through the duduyun switchboard

III. Dudu downlink notice

Dudu downlink notice is an automated service that UFIDA communications provides the government and public organizations with the first domestic exclusive 95 number + intelligent voice notification + hang up SMS. Its characteristics are: rapid notification, real-time traceability, personalized experience, notification traces. By means of automation, a pre recorded voice or text content can be called to the user terminal in batches with number 95 within a few minutes, which can be triggered with one key, which is efficient and direct; Real time feedback of notification results, intuitive presentation of the answer, and regular automatic resending of unanswered users to maximize the notification effect; The scenario based notification service can carry out personalized pilot broadcast according to the recipient's name and recipient's unit, and provide a humanized notification experience; Inform the data to make unified records and leave traces, the service can be supervised, and objective statistics can prevent wrangling

IV. 170 work

the enterprise platform of UFIDA communications integrates the rich product resources such as management software and communication services of more than 10 members of UFIDA group who have made contributions to the governance of PM2.5, provides a full set of mobile application products for 2.2 million enterprise customers of UFIDA group, and finally forms a full series of information solutions integrating communication, it and data

the core values of UFIDA's work are: first, the one-stop solution of software, hardware and communication has achieved the nearest path of mobile Internet management transformation; Second, a service fee, that is, a free communication fee, application and, has realized the lowest cost purchase scheme for enterprises; Third, the integration of all products provides customers with a better service experience

the professional technical ability, innovative business model and high-quality service level have made UFIDA communication win the affirmation of industry experts for many times: among the top 1000 Chinese enterprise application models in 2016, UFIDA communication won the 2016 enterprise communication Innovation Award; UFIDA communication won the Innovation Award in the list of Chinese virtual operators in 2015

with the vision of being an operator who understands the enterprise mobile Internet best and the concept of becoming a long-term partner trusted by customers, UFIDA communications will provide enterprise customers with more professional, efficient and rich mobile Internet and mobile management services

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