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Google Mobile's new software search and download channel

google material testing machine. The mobile search page provided by Google for portable devices is very convenient to use, especially the search options such as video, shopping, blog included in the drop-down menu make the search process simpler. Recently, Google has added a new option to this list, allowing users to search applications directly on the search page

the new app search option supports iPhone and Android users, corresponding to Apple App store and Google digital display submarkets respectively. Click the Search tab menu to see the iPhone apps option or 5, 1 integrated cabinet control oil source Android apps option. After selecting this function, you can search the application software

take Android Software Search as an example. Enter keywords and click search. The search engine will find relevant applications in the Android electronic market and arrange them. Users will select the applications in the results page to start the electronic market. Just click Install. The search results page provides the price of the application, company name, number of downloads and number of comments

with the help of the Search API interface provided by the Android electronic market, this new function can better select up to 100000 applications in the Android electronic market. The search principle of iPhone app is estimated to be the same as that of Android version, which will allow smart users to install apps more quickly without having to fill unqualified plastic bags. It is still common to open stores on the streets to find

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