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Armed with "made in China" with "Chinese brain" -- North China industrial control power assisted automobile manufacturing intelligent robot

it has been three years since the concept of made in China 2025 was put forward. Under the development trend of IOT, big data and sharing, China's manufacturing industry has gone from the expectation that under the impact of the Internet industry, the prospects of the manufacturing industry will decline day by day, to the manufacturing industry taking the express of the Internet era, Entering another golden age, made in Chia shows itself in front of the interface with strong scientific and technological strength in the world with a new attitude

in the process of intelligent manufacturing, the role of intelligent robots in the manufacturing industry can not be ignored. As an important means to improve manufacturing efficiency, we should create a working mode of cooperation between people and intelligent machines, and carry out reasonable division of labor to create an intelligent production line with maximum efficiency and construct an intelligent factory. As an important part of manufacturing in China, the large-scale automobile manufacturing industry is the primary battlefield of intelligent robots. The demand of automobile manufacturing industry for manufacturing precision and production flexibility makes manufacturing robots better develop in this field

in short

Markus Geier, sales director of intelligent robots in diefenbach, automobile manufacturing, added: "The new fiberforge system is the fastest strip stacking system in the world. The industry has sprung up.

entering the automobile intelligent manufacturing factory, hundreds of robots flexibly rotate, carry, assemble and weld. One body prototype is sent to the next process along with the conveyor belt. Intelligent robots are used in the car body workshop. All intelligent robots are used in intelligent welding. Intelligent robot equipment is used in the coating workshop to realize spraying automation, which is actually pulled in the inspection workshop Fully automatic detection is carried out during the extension experiment to realize accurate detection of faults and create a 100% error judgment accuracy. The realization of these functions requires the help of robots with excellent performance, high coordination and full intelligence. As the core system of intelligent robot, control system needs industrial hardware products with strong performance to ensure the stable and efficient operation of robot

at the time when the intelligent robot market is in full bloom, as a pilot in the field of professional industrial control computers, North China industrial control has developed and produced a number of computer hardware products to better meet customer needs. A 4-inch embedded industrial motherboard based on Intel skylake-u processor independently developed and launched by the company is one of the representatives, which has been highly praised by the market once launched

North China industrial control products are used in automobile manufacturing robots

products have the following advantages:

1 Based on Intel skylake-u processor, it has excellent performance, low energy consumption, configured with high-performance chips, and can run stably for a long time

2. With rich external interfaces and network interfaces, it is convenient for data sharing and real-time feedback, and the product has strong compatibility with the external application environment

3. The size of the motherboard is only 165mm x 115mm, which is compact and effectively saves product space

4. It has the advantage of industrial level reliable performance, and can operate continuously and stably in extreme environments and efficiently in wide temperature environments

5.1 sodimm, supporting ddr/2133 and up to 16GB, has strong information processing and storage capacity, and can effectively support the intelligent feedback and working process of the robot

North China industrial control 4-inch embedded industrial motherboard based on Intel skylake-u processor

North China industrial control will continue to strengthen research and development in the field of intelligent robots to provide better services to the market and customers. For more product information, please log in to North China industrial control officer

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